Frequently Asked Questions

In what format do you sell your eBooks?

For this site they are formatted as a PDF. But they are also available from most all major book sellers in their specific file format. 

Do you also sell original art?

Yes, if an item is available for purchase they usually list it on ETSY. You will find the link on our page. 

How do I get my purchase?

You will immediately be emailed with information on where to download your purchase. If you have any issues, please let us know. 

Do you have any free items?

Yes, they are available to those that sign up for our newsletter. You are sent a link to a google file containing a number of different downloadable and printable resources. 

How do I read my eBook?

You will need to a program such as Adobe Reader. It can be found free online. Or most ereaders will also enable you to read it. If you have an Ipad GoodNotes is a great way to read it as you can make your own notes ith ease. 

Can I get your books anywhere else? 

Yes, they are available at all major book sellers.